Manage your own self-development

It is not just about doing your current job as best you can, but preparing for your next job – whether that be in the same company or elsewhere. It’s now up to everyone to take control of their own professional development to prepare themselves for the future

This Challenge will help you develop the habit of organising and managing your own self-development. The 30 daily tasks will take you through the process of setting your own professional goals, identifying the most appropriate ways to achieve those goals (and not just by taking courses or programs), recording your own learning progress and evidencing your achievements. It will also consider a number of different tools that you can use to organise and manage the process, as well show to an employer in the form of a digital portfolio, and demonstrate the value you place on your own self-development.

Your goal in this Challenge is to get started on a process for continuing professional self-development that you will continue after the Challenge ends.

NOTE. This Challenge is currently offline for updating.

How to become a Modern Professional Learner
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