Learn something new every day

The most important skill to succeed in the workforce of the future is to be a lifelong learner. Learning something new every day doesn’t have to be work-related but anything that will broaden your general knowledge and enhance your quality of life.

This Challenge will help you build a habit of continuous learning. The 30 daily tasks will expose you to a variety of free sources and resources where you can learn something new everyday. The first part of the Challenge will consider a range of general resources, and the second part will look at some topic-specific resources.

Your goal in this Challenge is to find a number of useful sources that will inspire you to continue to learn something new after the Challenge ends. This Challenge therefore provides a good general introduction to a range of online resources, tools and services as well as a new way of learning.

(Note: Another Challenge, Keep up to date with your industry or profession, looks specifically at ways to learn continuously for your career.)

The Challenge is available as a daily email programme which you can sign up to at any time. The daily email will keep you on track and point you to the daily task online, where you can share your thoughts with others. There is also guidance and support available if required. Follow the payment instructions below.

How to become a Modern Professional Learner

A collection of 100 tasks (selected from all 5 Challenges) to help you thrive in the new world of work.
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