Keep up to date with your industry or profession

The traditional way to keep up to date with what’s happening in your industry or profession is to attend an annual conference or read some industry magazines. However, nowadays there are many digital ways to keep you continuously updated.

Although building a professional network is one way, this Challenge will focus on a variety of digital ways to help you keep yourself up to date in your industry or profession. Over the 30 days it will look at how to participate effectively in live, online events, tap into relevant knowledge flows as well as curate your own resources, and in doing so it will expose you to a range of digital tools and services that you will find of use. It will also consider new skills like how you can “connect the dots” in what you find, as well as ensure you don’t suffer from information overload.

Your goal in this Challenge is to identify a number of approaches and tools that will allow you to continuously keep up to date with your industry or profession after the Challenge ends.

The Challenge will be available in August 2017

COST per person
£49 – Pre-book at this special price and follow the payment instructions below

Note: special rates available for groups of 5 or more participants, and private challenges can be run for organisations, teams or other groups. Please contact for more information.


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