Grow your professional network

A professional network consists of the people you have built around you who bring you value in your professional life, and from whom you can learn on a continuous basis. (For this reason a professional network is often referred to as a Personal Learning Network or PLN.) Everybody’s professional network is unique to them, so it’s about finding the right people to have around YOU.

This Challenge will help you build from scratch and/or enhance your existing professional network. Over the 30 days it will take you through the process of understanding the make-up of your current network and how you might improve it. It looks at some of the places you might build your online network. In particular it looks at the pros and cons of social networks (like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others) and how to locate relevant people for your own professional network. It also considers a process to review your professional network so that it is both diverse and manageable, and continuously brings value to you.

Your goal in this Challenge is to build a process for growing your own professional network that will continue after the Challenge ends.

Challenge available in August 2017

COST per person
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Note: special rates available for groups of 5 or more participants, and  private challenges can be run for organisations, teams or other groups. Please contact for more information.


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