Grow your professional network

A professional network consists of the people you have built around you who bring you value in your professional life, and from whom you can learn on a continuous basis. Everybody’s professional network is unique to them, so it’s about finding the right people to have around YOU.

This Challenge will help you build from scratch and/or enhance your existing professional network. The 30 daily tasks will take you through the principles of professional networking, an analysis of your current professional network and advice on how you might improve it. The tasks will look at some of the places you might build your network – in person and online, and consider the pros and cons of different social networks. They will also consider a process for maintaining your professional network so that it is both diverse and manageable, and continuously brings value to you over time.

Your goal in this Challenge is to build a process for growing your own professional network that will continue after the Challenge ends.

The Challenge is available as a daily email programme which you can sign up to at any time. The daily email will keep you on track and point you to the daily task online, where you can share your thoughts with others. There is also guidance and support available if required. Follow the instructions below.

How to become a Modern Professional Learner

A collection of 100 tasks (selected from all 5 Challenges) to help you thrive in the new world of work.

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