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Why should you offer the 30 Day Learning Challenges to your people?

Organisations are no longer like they were 50 years ago; people are constantly moving around in their careers, and this is set to continue. So whereas training was originally done to people at a time when it was about training people to do a job for life, it is increasingly clear that conventional training practices and approaches are now outdated. Individuals mostly want to learn what they need for their job,  as and when they need it – and L&D can’t possibly provide everything everyone needs. What is more people learn in many different ways – not just through organised L&D activities – but everyday, inside and outside the workplace.

By encouraging modern professional learning, organisations will gain substantial benefits, e.g.

  • as individuals acquire modern professional learning skills, they will not be able to make the most of new opportunities to learn both inside and outside the organisation
  • as individuals have easier access to a wider range of resources (content and people) they will be able to solve organisational performance problems more quickly
  • as individuals bring their knowledge and networks to work so others in the organisation can more easily learn from shared experiences and resources
  • as individuals take responsibility for their own professional learning and career development, so the organisation will be able to benefit from their new knowledge and skills

Furthermore, as an individual’s learning is managed by that individual him or herself, trying to track everything everyone learns becomes an increasingly irrelevant task. It therefore makes more sense to focus on enabling individuals to improve themselves in the ways that suit them best – and supporting them as they do this.

The organisational success metrics for supporting modern professional learning will be determined by job, team and business performance improvements.

Our 30 Day Learning Challenges will help to build the new Modern Professional Learning skills necessary in the modern workplace.

Modern Professional Learning: Guidelines & Resources
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